Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Wedding Advice:

I usually tell my couples to keep it simple. When you start doing crazy things there is an opportunity for disaster. You are just inviting trouble. Sometimes however it can be worth it. I try not to say no to anything that my couples ask for but I still have to advise them of the perils that they may have to face. Some couples do not want to hear about it. Never the less it is my job to consult with them and give them my best advice. The above wedding was an example of a wedding that could have been a disaster but it turned out to be my favorite wedding of all. Not to say we did not have our problems.

Underwater Ministers are hard to come by and I in fact only had one. The day before the wedding she called me and told me she had injured her back and could not make the dive. The first thing I did was wish that I had been certified to dive. I could have done the wedding for them and my worries would have been over. Unfortunately that was not a possibility so I started working on my resources and had no luck. The only other underwater Minister I knew was off island.

Well, the hardest part was telling the couple the bad news. We would have to do the wedding on the beach. I waited for them to arrive and of all the crazy things, when I told them the news they said they had been to the dive shop for their equipment and met a man that was a minister and a diver. So I called him and he had never done an underwater wedding but he was willing to try. By the next day we had the whole thing all together and he did a fabulous job. This wedding was awesome and the couple was awesome and the weather was perfect. I was so happy that it all went the way that it did.

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  1. Yeah I agree with you, I always tell my friends to do simple things wedding. One of my friends decided to come down from a rock with harness in a San Diego Wedding venues in her marriage and broke her leg. That was really sad moment.